Neorest XH Intelligent Toilet by TOTO

With Elegant and minimalistic design, “TOTO Neorest XH Intelligent Toilet” (“Neorest XH”) cuts out the frills and gimmicks to focus on what is really important to your daily life. Combined with TOTO’s original technology of the world - “Ewater+” technology, Neorest XH dedicated to create the bathroom of the future.

New M-Line bathroom collection from BAGNODESIGN London

Create an air of contemporary sophistication with the new M-Line bathroom collection from BAGNODESIGN London, which features quality fixtures and fittings for every area of the room’s design.

Kyoto Shower Column by BAGNODESIGN London

BAGNODESIGN London, designers and manufacturers of unique bathroom solutions, has created its new Kyoto thermostatic shower column, designed to become the focal point of a modern and contemporary bathroom or wet room.

Matt Pugh Design

British designer Matt Pugh, designs and produces contemporary furniture and accessories.

The cheerful & sweet Hoptimists

The cheerful, sweet Hoptimists were originally designed by Danish cabinetmaker Hans Gustav Ehrenreich (1917-1984) in 1968. In keeping with the spirit of the day, his figures were characterised by their bright colours and rounded shapes. Ehrenreich participated at several international exhibitions, receiving many honours for his craftsmanship both at home in Denmark and abroad.

Umbra woodpecker wall hook

Five perched birds form the hooks on this fun-and-functional Woodpecker hook rack by Umbra.

Krasznai ceramics vase

Fill your award winning Krasznai’s Talqual ceramics vase with fresh carnations!

Spice Up Your Kitchen: 5 Cool Kitchen Gadgets

Keep your kitchen looking cool with these hi-tech accessories

With all the fast food options available in Hong Kong, it's safe to say that not many of us...

Homeless composition tray table

Homeless composition tray table which comes with the table not only helps loading up with food before returning it to its snuggly perch, but also prevents food and other things from spilling over with its high rim. Decorative and useful at the same time!

Seletti Palace Fruit Dessert

The Seletti Palace Fruit Dessert Bowls set are composed of a stack of six bowls.

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