Date: 25 Oct 2011

We love to taste solidary and refresh ourselves for a moment by crouching lazily on sofa after tiredness or long-hours work, yet we could not help long to hold the loved-one in arms and with our friends around after all. We dream there’s companion to share our loneliness and fun, if only there’s one.

FlexibleLove can alter its shape to carry our weights of shifting mind to cater one to as many as twenty individuals at maximum, her honeycomb structure produces an accordion-like result that allows each piece to be extended and collapsed with ease, changing length and shape with a simple pull at each end.

A crowd of friends or loved-ones rushing to home party or gathering looking for seating will never be embarrassing anymore, FlexibleLove can create conversations among one another and also welcome more to join the talks.

Green-concerned lifestyle and zero-tolerance towards toxic materials is the growing trend, FlexibleLove is made from recycled paper and recycled wood waste, using pre-existing manufacturing processes in order to reduce the furniture's impact on the environment. The natural brown tone brings harmony to home and highlights the way of simple living.

The fantastic concept behind FlexibleLove earns appreciation of The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) and is invited to be long exhibited in the Materials Lab since 2011 Spring; and the Taiwan National Museum of Fine Art even placed FlexibleLove for the public use in the constant three years to tell the story of creativity and green embracing element.

FlexibleLove Earth 08

Collapsed: H64cm x D56cm x W13.6cm (Seating height 26cm)

Extended: H64cm x D56cm x W350cm

Packaged: H74cm x D65cm x W24cm

Net Weight: 17 kgs

Gross Weight: 21.5 kgs

Supported Weight: 960 kgs


FlexibleLove Earth 16

Collapsed: H64cm x D56cm x W23.6cm (Seating height 26cm)

Extended: H64cm x D56cm x W720cm

Packaged: H74cm x D65cm x W33cm

Net Weight: 28.5 kgs

Gross Weight: 33.5 kgs

Supported Weight: 1,920 kgs


FlexibleLove Earth 20

Collapsed: H64cm x D56cm x W26.1cm(Seating height 26cm)

Extended: H64cm x D56cm x W900cm

Packaged: H74cm x D65cm x W38cm

Net Weight: 32 kgs

Gross Weight: 37 kgs

Supported Weight: 2400 kgs

See all details of the FlexibleLove on HOMELESS.hk

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