Accessories for Trendy Tea Lovers

LifestyleAsia Date: 16 Aug 2011

Teapots and strainers for stylish tea drinkers

Any tea lover will tell you that it's not only about the tea. Watching it brew, smelling the aromas, and having the right mug to sip it out of are all equally as important.

So, enhance your tea-drinking experience with our favourite new accessories for trendy tea lovers. The best part is, you can find all three of them in one place in Hong Kong (see listing information at the bottom):

1. MENU Glass Kettle Teapot

One look at the stunning glass kettle teapot by MENU should tell you it's a Scandinavian design, inspired by the Asian zen philosophy of tea.

Stylish and practical, the tea egg placed in the centre of the pot can be raised by pulling the attached silicon string, which even has a little sticker at the end like the ones real tea bags have.

This gorgeous glass kettle teapot by MENU is priced at HK$799.

2. KINTO Tea Strainer

Leave it to the Japanese to make anything look cute. Made of silicone and nylon, the KINTO floating tea strainer is a cute little orb that floats naturally in your cup.

Simply pull open its silicone cap and fill with your favourite tea leaves. Then, rest the orb on its own saucer after brewing to keep your table clean and mess-free.

The KINTO tea strainer comes in six bubble gum colours and is priced at HK$110.

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