Taking Notes - Interview with Bookbinding Artist Percy So

LifestyleAsia.com Date: 02 Aug 2011

Whether it is creating a notebook from scratch or rebinding a favorite novel, Percy has the perfect solution. The craft of bookbinding dates back to the dawn of history, and Percy, as a Hong Kong artist, combines the old world techniques with contemporary designs in producing her works.

Let's see what Percy had to say about the art of bookbinding, and have her clue us in with upcoming bookbinding plans!

What are commissioned bindings? What commissioned projects have you been working on?

Commissioned bindings are personalised, in that it has to reflect both the qualities of the owner as well as the bound contents.

There are two pieces of commissioned work that I would like to share with you, as they were highly personalised to reflect their owners. The first was a photo album made for a client’s God-son. She wanted to include photos taken of him daily in his first month, so it was laid out in sequence as a scroll book. The cover was made of red goatskin with brightly-coloured inlays to create playful impression.

The other piece was commissioned by my brother, Perry, the Associate Conductor of Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. He wanted several of his paperback music scores rebound, so I had to first take it apart before binding it using the Islamic headband. The cover was fabricated with diamond-tanned brown goatskin and chocolate-coloured goatskin onlays to give it an aged look.

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