Summer Home Decor by TREE Date: 01 Aug 2011

Brighten up your home with colourful accessories

Hong Kong summers are a bit bipolar. One minute, the grey sky is storming down upon us and the next, we're getting burnt to a crisp under the hot summer sun.

To avoid any confusion of what season it is, exactly, we recommend decorating your home with a few colourful accessories that will have you feeling bright and summery no matter what it's like outside.

TREE, Hong Kong's first eco-chic furniture boutique, currently has a collection of summer products that are easy to integrate into every home:

1) Rainbow-coloured lacquerware

Made from bamboo and coated in vibrant lacquerware colours, these bowls, vases and trays are light, functional and eco-friendly. Mix and match the colours to create the perfect mood for your party or just for yourself. Prices for these bowls and vases from TREE start at HK$250.

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