Neorest XH Intelligent Toilet by TOTO

Date: 05 Aug 2014

With Elegant and minimalistic design, “TOTO Neorest XH Intelligent Toilet” (“Neorest XH”) cuts out the frills and gimmicks to focus on what is really important to your daily life. Combined with TOTO’s original technology of the world - “Ewater+” technology, Neorest XH dedicated to create the bathroom of the future.

Creating the bathroom of the future is about technology that you can feel, but you can’t see. With Streamline style thin smooth profile, Neorest XH turns your home into a heaven of well-being. Its high-end touch remote controller corresponds with the toilet by the same silver look brings together technological innovations with TOTO’s signature clarity of aesthetic design.

“Ewater+” is an original technology by TOTO which could thoroughly clean the bacteria and debris that normal cleaning way couldn’t clean with the hypochlorite electrolyzed from daily water. After use, the toilet is sprayed with electrolyzed processed water, also known as ewater+. This antibacterial water thoroughly cleans the toilet. The ewater+ is completely environmental friendly and can be returned to the water cycle without worry. In Japan, this technology has been widely applied to sterilize baby bottles, tableware disinfection and vegetables cleaning.

Not only the design, has the dual flush mode also reflected Neorest XH been a very environmental friendly product. Together with the patented Tornado Flushing System and Hybrid technology, with more powerful flushing performance, the flushing volume can be lowered to 3.8L in compared with traditional models, which attaches to the ideas of climate protection and energy efficiency.

With “Touch Free, Bacteria Free” concept, the lid of Neorest XH is produced by “Clean Coat” anti-bacterial materials and seat coated with TOTO’s proprietary CeFiONtect, a glaze that promotes cleanliness at the nano level by preventing dirt accumulating on the sanitary ware surface.

The soft lighting was added in Neorest XH, it will automatically turned on by the sensor when user approaching. The safer and more comfortable experience was delivered. Furthermore, its auto-sensing feature will lift the toilet lid when users walk closer, users can also use the remote control to lift the lid and set other functions including cleansing with warm water, hands free warm air dryer with temperature adjustment, heated seat and even an automatic deodorizing function. Life with Neorest XH is not only a lifestyle, but an ease of mind.

NEOREST are being highly nominated in the high-end market, many five-stars international hotels and luxurious apartments are currently using the NEOREST, such as St. Regis Hotel in Beijing, Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Park Hyatt Hotel and deluxe residential Price Hills in Shanghai, the Great Hill and Inter Continental Hotel in Hong Kong, Banyan Tree Macau Hotel and Sands Macau Hotel etc..

The detailed function of Neorest XH:

Stylish Outlook & Easy Cleaning

The more elegant, stylish design ensures the Neorest XH blending easily into any interior, and much more hygiene and comfortable than before. We have moved the water pipe form the side to the back of the unit, and concealed it behind a side panel. Smooth side surface for a more stylish appearance and easier cleaning.

Intelligent – “Touch Free, Bacteria Free”

The intelligent functions of the Neorest XH can be performed by remote control or manual. The auto-sensing feature will lift the toilet lid when users walk closer, and it will activate the flushing and close the lid when you move away.

Washlet Function

- It may not hard to find TOTO Washlet if you have traveled to Japan, it is highly penetrated in all public and hotel area in Japan. Neorest XH is a washlet-integrated toilet that combines TOTO’s original washlet technologies with other advancements and controlled directly by a remote control.

- A multi-functional temperature controlled washlet provides cleaning functions by a nozzle in all positions. They are, rear wash, front wash for female, oscillating wash especially for people who suffer in hemorrhoids, massage wash and soft wash, nicely designed for female, especially pregnant women.

- The warm air dryer serves the hand-free drying purpose with adjustable temperature. Besides, the seat temperature can be maintained subject to your preference.

Remote Control

All functions of the unit can be controlled directly by a remote control. It hygienically controls the opening and shutting of the sensor-operated lid, the professional washlet, as well as toilet flushing subject to your personal needs and preferences.

Soft Lighting

- It will automatically turned on by the sensor when user approaching. The safer and more comfortable experience was delivered.

Patented Tornado Flushing System

- Tornado Flush projects prowerful jets of water from inside the bowl. This motion creates a whirlpool effect to cleans

- The entire surace efficiently. As well as cleaning far more thoroughly than other flush system, it is quiet and water-efficient.

- Another delighted design is the inner part of the seat. New RIM shape can be clean completely because of its curved and allows just a quick wipe for cleaning the entire inner side of the seat area.

Proprietary CeFiONtect Stain-resistance Technology

- Coated with TOTO’s proprietary CeFiONtect, a glaze that create a super-smooth surface to promote cleanliness at the nano level by preventing dirt and bacteria in accumulating on the sanitary ware surface.

- It keeps your TOTO sanitary ware cleaner, and less cleaning means fewer chemicals and water consumer in a way to save the planet.

Self-cleaning Wand:

- The wand will automatically cleanse and sanitize the nozzle before and after the usage

Pollution-free of the 45 degree of the Nozzle

- The specially designed angles (45 degree) of the nozzle ensures that it washes the right spot without getting soiled

Wand Cleaning Button

- The wand can be extended without spraying water for easier cleaning.

Removable Seat and Lid

- Simple one-touch function, make it easy to remove the seat and lid for cleaning


Besides the above fascinated functions and technology, Neorest XH also got automatic deodorizer, 2nd cleaning flush of inner bowl, “Clean Coat” anti-bacterial materials of the lid, etc. all these care your need in providing a most advance intelligent toilet to pamper you and your family, to create a pleasant, hygiene and quality of bathroom experience.

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