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Date: 28 Nov 2013

Established in 2008, TAMAWA owes its clear identity to the Bakelite ball, used as the core material for all the products in its collection. It all started when designer Hubert Verstraeten met with Belgian snooker ball manufacturer SALUC. From then on, the designer first started by self-producing two watches, followed by the design of a whole jewellery line, which inspired the name of the company – ‘TAMAWA’, meaning in Japanese; “ball on steel ring”. Very quickly small objects and accessories enlarged the collection.

TW27 & TW35 Watches are the emblematic pieces of the collection. TAMAWA’s watches are discernable illustrations of the brand’s values, demonstrating a real know-how of clockwork that only a few manufacturers can craft today. Composed of a spherical dial, a Bakelite ball and of a double bracelet, their design is the perfect reflection of the TAMAWA universe.


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