Successful Living from Diesel with Foscarini - The NEW Metal

Date: 16 Sep 2013

The NEW Metal

From rock to pop, from casual to vintage and from graphics to art. This is a

completely new collection of lamps that speaks a multitude of languages, tells

different stories and expresses an unmistakable style: the Diesel lifestyle. Ironic, unconventional, fun, fiery and creative. A way of being and of dressing that also becomes a way of furnishing. A new adventure that lets you customise your space, going beyond clichés and bringing your personality to light. Hard as metal, soft as fabric, slim as a luminous cage, shiny as chrome-plated glass, but always unique and different: Successful Living from Diesel with Foscarini.

Heavy Metal

Unrefined in its roughly artisanal appearance and visible welds, refined in its vintage-inspired design: the lamp is called Heavy Metal, two souls for an absolutely unique personality. The metal used to make it is dipped in a special acidic bath which alters its surface to a different extent each time, accelerating the natural oxidation process and warming the burnished colour with shades of blue, green and ochre.

Metal Glass

Resulting from the marriage between the centuries-old tradition of blown glass and the industrial appeal of metal, Metal Glass recalls an alchemist’s still or a lantern from a Gothic setting. As magical in its shape as it is in its lighting effect, it is distinguished by a dense and almost opaque transparency, which is achieved by pouring soda powder into the still-incandescent vitreous paste. The ensuing chemical reaction creates a myriad of bubbles which, when the lamp is on, are transformed into luminous particles, while a contrasting white light shines inside the central cylinder.

Soft Power

A young, informal and irresistible lamp, for everyday use and any setting whatsoever, just like your favourite pair of jeans: Soft Power. It features a simple, compact and functional shape, and its material is similar to washed Denim, but softer and lighter, to dress the body and hat of the lamp to perfection.

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