Homeless & sidekick

Date: 24 May 2013

Homeless & sidekick, a sub-brand of Homeless, is home to everything talented, chic and imaginative: porcelain andglass ware, art pieces, furniture, home and lovely personal accessories, and featuring gifts. In celebration of Homeless 10th anniversary, Homeless is very proud to introduce his sidekick to all of you and opens its first store in the heart of Causeway Bay, in the style house, the Park Lane.

Homeless & sidekick aims to discover tasteful components that create inspiration for you, your home and your individuality.

The interior design of Homeless & sidekick mirrors the brand's avant-garde spirit. The store has total surface of 2800 square feet and is defined by the colorful aesthetics where products with different brands and stories are

displayed like unique art pieces; the environment looks like a treasure room which is divided into different themes including vintage, simplicity, passion and sophisticated by different colors, textured wall and visual settings. In order to add fun and surprise to our customers, Homeless & sidekick will work in a pop-up forms by changing the brands, themes and visuals frequently, so expect the unexpected!

Categories: Deco

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