Safretti decorative fireplaces Date: 16 Jun 2011

Although no one outside of Hong Kong takes us seriously when we say it’s cold, our thick scarves, chattering teeth and goosebumps don’t lie. Most of us already have some sort of heater at home, but in order to create a warm and toasty environment, have you ever thought about getting a fireplace installed?

Before you shrug off this idea as utterly ridiculous (this is Hong Kong, afterall), let me introduce you to Safretti’s decorative fireplaces, which not only add warmth to your room but the ‘WOW’ factor too.

Here are three of our favorite Safretti fireplace designs by some of Europe’s top designers, including Dutch artistes Jan des Bouvrie, Frans Schrofer and Roderick Vos.


Designed by Jan des Bouvrie, Carré adds an extra dimension to the interior thanks to its simplicity and interplay of lines. We like the wall-mounted version and could see ourselves staring into its flames for hours. Comes in white and black with a burning time of approximately 6-8 hours. Prices start at HK$42,800.

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