Meet Anna Etoile Date: 16 Jun 2011

Every time I pass by an ALESSI store, I can't help smiling at all their innovative designs, whether it's a bunny toothpick holder, ladybug nail clipper or fancily dressed umbrella lady.

One of their best-selling items since 1994 is the Anna G corkscrew, a cheerful and smiley gal who uncorks wine bottles effortlessly. In 2010, 'Anna G' has been transformed into 'Anna Etoile' in six different limited edition designs with only 99 copies each, and one gold-plated design in a limited edition of 9 copies only.

Not only beautiful to look at, all Anna Etoile corkscrews are perfectly functional, but provided with a pin to limit their range of motion and avoid damage to the applied decorations.

Head over to to view the ALESSI corkscrew limited edition range.

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