New Mood Maker: Aerodrome

Date: 08 Mar 2012

Northern Lighting collaborated with the highly talented, recognized and award winning Hong Kong based Italian architect Alberto Puchetti to launch the Aerodrome lamp series at three locations: Sweden, Brazil and Hong Kong.

Northern Lighting creates designer lights for different moods inspired by the unique Nordic nature, culture and society and the very special natural light. The company delivers its creations to commercial projects and retailers in more than 30 countries, always following the same basic values: Northern Lighting reflects the fact it is a young, fun, playful and mood-oriented lighting company that uses its light portfolio to represent and promote the joy of creative design and the Nordic geographical and cultural heritage within the international design scene.

The idea behind the Aerodrome is inspired by the smooth feeling of the elegance typical of first class airport lounges and by the aerodynamic design of airplanes. The shape of the jets’ turbine engine and its rounded edge frame as a visually “powerful” image become the creativity direction and prototype of the lamp design. With this lamp Alberto Puchetti tried to create a “classic” A quality object people would feel affection for and would keep for many years, rather than an ordinary, inexpensive product for the mere function of lighting.

The top is made of metal as opposed to fabric or paper like most of the lamp shades. It is designed to filter light to the surface below, in order to use it as desk or bedside table lamp, and to illuminates walls and ceilings above. A great deal of technical research was spent to laser cut the three shapes from the metal top and to paint the internal and external surfaces in two different colors.

In order to highlight the shape of the lamp, which is played in the contrast between internal and external surfaces there is a difference of textures between the polished interior and the matte exterior as well as a difference of colors. This lamp is somewhat of a sculpture and the essential non-colors such as black and white are particularly suitable, but on the other hand dark red and lime-green are quite elegant when matched with the white of the internal surfaces.

About the Aerodrome:

Colors: white / red / green / dark grey

Size: 37 cm. (height), 40 cm. in diameter (width)

Price: HK$5,350

Retailers: Flag store of Homeless, 28 Gough Street, Central, Hong Kong

Categories: Home Deco

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