"The Twist Family" Collection by Georg Jensen

LifestyleAsia Date: 05 Mar 2012

A polished collection of cutlery for the entire family

Boring cutlery is so beyond us, which is why we are loving Georg Jensen's newest designer collection by Alfredo Häberli called "The Twist Family."

A result of Häberli's hand-sketched drawings of a mother, father, son and daughter, the Twist family collection includes a spoon, fork, knife and teaspoon. There's also a plate where you see the entire Twist family looking up at you and a two-handed cup with the family cat and dog chasing each other.

Technically, the Twist Family collection is actually designed for kids but nobody but you needs to know that … However, if your hot date who stayed the night starts to question your choice of cutlery, you're on your own there.

Read more about The Twist Family over at LifestyleAsia.com.

Categories: Home Deco

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