Year of the Dragon Sculptures at OVO

Lifestyle Asia Date: 10 Jan 2012

Guard your health and wealth with Cheng Feng's dragon sculptures

Of all the animals in the Chinese zodiac, there is none more powerful than the almighty dragon. Not only is the dragon the luckiest figure in Chinese culture, it's also believed to be able to guard your health and wealth just by placing a dragon figure near a door or window.

Whether you believe in Chinese folklore or not, the Taiwanese sculptor Cheng Feng has created a dragon collection in unique themes and styles to suit all kinds of homes.

The "Eminent" series is limited to 99 pieces only, where Chang uses bronze to cast a dragon's silhouette in an elegant spiral. Each of the dragon's features are represented abstractly, from the forehead, which represents wisdom, to the dragon's beard, which represents longevity.

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