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Date: 16 Jun 2011

Founded in 1934 Boffi is recognized as an historic institution on the international design scene. In the 50’s and 60’s Dino Boffi steered the company away from its artisan roots towards contemporary excellence.

By collaborating with such designers as Gina Case, Sergio Asti and Joe Colombo the Boffi products reached a new level of creative innovation and technical sophistication. Under the artistic guidance of Luigi Massoni (1960-1985) the company started working with Antonio Citterio and Pepe Tanzi. A number of products from this era are still in production today! In 1989 Piero Lissoni became the new Art Director, introducing a multitude of new products. Around the same time Boffi launched a range of bathroom products. Over the years Boffi has won several design awards including the “Compasso d’Oro”, the “Red Dot Award” and the prestigious “Compasso d’Oro alla Carriera” in 1995. The Boffi products have been exhibited at the MoMA in New York, the Louvre in Paris and the Triennale in Milan.

The Boffi range has been specifically engineered to enable the mixing and matching of models creating highly personalized solutions for discerning clients. In addition to the furniture the bathroom collection consists of wash-basins, bath-tubs, showers, taps accessories, mirrors and lamps. Recently a new line of storage and interior wall systems was incorporated into the Boffi collection, offering highly sophisticated tools for spatial definition.

The company invests significant time and resources into development and research in order to create solutions that combine form with functionality.

50 years of industrial activity in the production unit of Lentate sul Seveso, north of Milan, has generated unprecedented product know-how. Over time important strategic relationships have been established with leading suppliers in the sector.

Boffi is one of the first companies in the sector to be certified ISO 9002 and Vision for its quality standards.

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