Tai Ping Carpets presents Boheme Collection

LifestyleAsia Date: 28 Nov 2011

Luxury carpets inspired by glamour and globetrotting

Designed for stylish globetrotters, the Tai Ping Boheme collection of carpets and rugs is a glamorous interpretation of round-the-world style inspired by everything from folkloric embroideries and Portuguese needlepoint to expressive brushstrokes and tie-dye patterns.

The collection was created by Yasmina B. Kossman, director of design for Tai Ping and her team of designers, who studied the colour palettes, styles and traditions of Portugal, Sardinia, Turkey, South Africa, India and Brazil in order to come up with the Boheme collection's 19 patterns.

Gypsy represents a nomadic lifestyle, with motifs taken from typical bold and intricate Sardinian embroideries that almost look cross-stitched.

Read and learn more about the Boheme Collection by Tai Ping Carpets on LifestyleAsia.com.

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